Do you have a working order that you want to cancel or edit? We’ve broken down how to cancel working orders and how to edit them within the tastyworks downloadable desktop platform, web-browser platform, and the mobile app.

tastyworks Desktop Platform

First, we’ll need to locate the order, but where can they be found? They are displayed in three different locations.

  1. Orders window (if right sidebar menu is popped out): Located at the bottom of the right sidebar menu that pops in and out from the right.
  2. Positions tab (if “Working” is enabled): If symbol groups are enabled then it can be located within its respective symbol. If Symbol Groups are not enabled, then it will appear on its own. Both can be easily identified with a yellow working icon .

  3. Activity tab: Working orders can be viewed when the “Working” button is enabled. You will know if working orders are displayed if the Working button is illuminated yellow.

If you're having trouble getting an order filled and you want to see some reasons why then click here.

Canceling an Order in Desktop Platform

  1. Once you locate the working order, simply right-click on it. A pop-up menu will appear. Please click on “CANCEL ORDER”: The order will appear as canceled in your Orders window and Activity tab. The canceled order will be accompanied with a cancel symbol: . Once canceled, a notification window will appear for a few seconds on the top left-hand corner of the platform, as illustrated below.

Editing a Working Order in Desktop Platform

  1. Once you locate the working order, simply-right click on it. A pop-up menu will appear. Please click on “REPLACE ORDER”: .
  2. After you click Replace Order, it will bring you to the Trade tab. There, you will have to ability to change your order’s price.
    *Please Note: Currently, you may only change the order’s price. You cannot change the option’s strike. You will have to cancel and re-enter the order if you want to change which strike(s) you want to buy or sell.
  3. Once you are finished with adjusting the price, then you may click “Review & Send” to review the order before clicking “Send Order” to send the order. The prior order will be canceled, and the newly edited order will replace it and be working.

Cancel or Edit an Order in Web-Based Platform

  1. Go to the ‘Activity’ menu by clicking the Activity icon  along the left-hand column.
  2. Locate the Working order under ‘WORKING’ and click the order. The order details will expand and offer you the ability to cancel the order or edit the order .

Cancel or Edit an Order in the Mobile Platform

Replacing/Editing a Working Order

To replace a working order, tap the order displayed in your Activity. Four buttons will appear, tap Replace  to make changes to your working order.Please Note: ONLY the price may be changed when replacing an order. Any changes to the quantity or the strike will require entering a new order.

Canceling an Order

Just like replacing an order, you can quickly cancel an order too. Just tap the working order, then tap Cancel . The Cancel button is located on the second row and to the right of the Replace button. After tapping Cancel, a prompt will appear confirming your cancellation. Tap Yes to cancel the order or tap No to return back to your activity. Tapping Yes will cancel the order and a prompt will appear from the top of the app indicating that the order has been canceled.