Permissible strategies in an IRA account

IRA The Works (Margin)Basic (IRA)Limited/Cash* (IRA)
Buy Stock
Short Sell Stock
Buy Options
Sell Covered Calls
Sell Cash Secured Puts
Defined-Risk Spreads
Sell Uncovered Puts
Sell Uncovered Calls✔*
Smalls & Futures✔**

✔* To qualify for uncovered call writing in an IRA account, you must have the suitability requirements for The Works–our highest trading level. To learn more about enabling short calls in an IRA, please click here.

✔**Your account must qualify for IRA The Works to apply for futures trading. For more information, please click here.

* By default, IRA accounts are provisioned to have margin relief, which allows for defined-risk spread trading. However, if you wish to provision your IRA as a cash account instead, please write to

☓* Cryptocurrency trading will not be permissible in an IRA account. As a result, you cannot enable crypto trading in an IRA account. We hope to expand crypto trading to IRAs in the future.

Non-permissible trading activities in an IRA account

The following trading strategies and position types are not allowed in an IRA account.

  1. No overnight leverage and no borrowing
  2. No short selling stock
  3. No debit balances
  4. No cryptocurrency trading (until further notice)