Users with multiple accounts can switch between default trading accounts with a simple double-click. Changing default accounts enables the user to create order tickets for a specific account without having to select it each time during order entry. Continue below to learn how to choose a default trading account in desktop platform, web-browser platform, and mobile platform.


Desktop Platform

Routing an order through a specific account

  1. Sign in to the tastyworks downloadable platform
  2. If you do not see your accounts in the top pane below the symbol quote, mouse to the top right-hand corner of the platform and click the "down" arrow immediately to the right of “Accounts”: . Got more than three accounts? Just scroll down in the accounts pane to view your other accounts. You can also expand the account pane by hovering your cursor on its bottom border and expanding it down by clicking and dragging. The lower entries in your accounts list will become visible. 
  3. Your accounts will be listed in the top pane; immediately to the right of each account number will be a shield icon:
  4. To select a default trading account, double-click the shield icon; its color will toggle white. 

When using the Active Trader Interface, please make sure that you pre-set your default trading account before sending any orders. The selected account that you are trading is indicated near the bottom of the channel (please refer to animation below). To learn more about the Active Trader Interface, please click here.

Note: Highlighting an account in the accounts pane is NOT equivalent to switching your default trading account. To learn more about this feature, then please click here.

View from Trade tab → Active Trader

From this point forward, any new trades appearing on your order ticket will default to the selected account after you press “Review & Send” during order entry.

View from Trade tab → Table view

The default trading account is listed in the order confirmation box, and you will see it before you press “Send Order.”

Alternatively, you can change your default trading account by using the drop-down menu immediately to the right of the account listing in your order confirmation box (accessible by clicking the little “down” arrow). 

Web-browser Platform

Select the account in the dropdown menu

First, start by signing into the web-browser platform. Your accounts are listed in the accounts drop-down menu, located along the top center of the window. Click the drop-down menu to view all your accounts, then select. 


Mobile Platform

Switching Accounts and Viewing Account Details

Open the App menu, by tapping More icon on the bottom of the App. Your accounts are listed once the menu is open. Tap the T-shield , located immediately to the left of the account title, to change accounts. After tapping, the account will rise to the top row and the T-shield will illuminate, denoting the active account.To view account details such as your portfolio net liq, buying power, delta, etc. then tap anywhere to the right of the T-shield.