Chart tab & tastycharts Overview

Whether you're a technical trader or like to use charts to get more context behind price action, the Chart tab and tastycharts tab can help with your chart fix.

What's the difference between the Chart tab and the tastycharts tab?

The Chart tab will only display one chart corresponding with the active symbol entered at the top of the platform. Clicking on the tastycharts tab will open a separate window allowing for viewing up to a 2x2 grid of charts. The Chart tab and tastycharts tab share many of the same functionalities, including chart indicators and drawings, so we encourage you to review the Chart tab overview content below.


Chart Tab Overview Video

Video Timeline

  • 00:05 - Introduction and Chart tab location
  • 00:20 - Chart tab layout
    • Viewing a chart of a specific symbol
    • Explanation of chart controls
  • 01:33 - Adding Indicators to the Chart
    • Overview of the Indicator menu
    • Example of adding indicators (MACD, RSI, 20-day SMA, and 200-day SMA)
  • 02:36 - Adjusting the height of an Indicator displayed beneath the chart
  • 02:45 - Removing an Indicator from the chart
  • 02:53 - Adding drawings to a Chart
  • 03:24 - Adjusting and customizing a chart drawing
  • 03:28 - Removing a chart drawing
  • 03:39 - Delete/hide all chart drawings or Indicators

View Historical Dividend Dates

You can enable historical earnings and dividends to display on the chart from the chart settings. Once you are on the charts, click on the gear wheel and then the Events tab and check the boxes to show or hide the earnings and dividends icons. On the chart, click on the icons to see more information about the event. 

Screenshot of chart showing historical earnings and dividends icons

Additional Notes & Features

  • To view a continuous futures chart, include a dollar sign ($) at the beginning of the futures root symbol. For example to view a continuous chart of /CL, then type $/CL into the symbol field.
  • To remove a single drawing, single-click the drawing in the chart to highlight then press the delete key (PC) or function (Fn) + delete (Mac).
  • To view IVR (Implied Volatility Rank) on a chart, add (tw) IVR from the Chart Indicator menu. For more information about Charting IVR, click here.
  • To learn about the four different chart styles (bar, candle, line, and area) in the chart tab, please click here.
  • To add or remove after-hours chart data go to the Chart settings menu, select the Sessions tab, then check or uncheck the Extended hours box.
  • You can customize your chart view by placing your cursor on the top right corner of the chart. A gear icon will appear, as illustrated below. Click the gear icon to customize your chart view. There, you can adjust your chart scaling options and fitting options to include all of your drawings, high/low, and open positions or working orders.

How to access tastycharts

View a 2x2 grid of charts in a separate window

To access tastycharts, navigate to the fourth icon beneath the Activity tab. After clicking tastycharts, a separate window will appear. 

You can view more charts by advancing the column and row count (up to 2x2) in the top right corner of the tastycharts window (green box). Also, to optimize space, you can hide the toolbar along the y-axis and scroll bar on the x-axis displayed in each chart within tastycharts by unchecking the Show Controls box (yellow box).

Please Note: The ability to view a 2x2 grid of charts in tastycharts depends on various factors such as your monitor's size, resolution, scaling, etc. When you reach the display limit, the number in the column and row will no longer advance.

How to chart an Individual Option in the Chart tab

To view a chart of a single-leg option in the Chart tab of the desktop trading platform, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Trade tab>Table view.
  2. After expanding an expiration, right-click on an option's bid or ask price. You will not see the option to view the individual option on a chart if you line up a buy or sell order.
  3. View option in chart cursor menu will appear, and after clicking, it will take you to the Chart tab to view the chart of the individual option.

Instructions to Remove an Indicator

  1. Click the Indicators menu button: .
  2. Once inside the Indicators menu, all displayed indicator(s) will list in the Current Indicator window. To remove an indicator, click the X located to the right of the indicator label:
  3. After clicking the X, it will be removed from the Current Indicators window, denoting that it is removed from the chart.

Hide/Remove All Indicators or Drawings (On the Chart)

Right-click anywhere on the chart to bring up a menu to: 

  • Hide orders, drawings or indicators
  • Remove drawings or indicators

Screenshot of chart menu to hide or remove drawings or indicators

Hide/Remove All Indicators or Drawings (In Settings)

To learn how to save, export, or import chart settings, then please click here.

  1. Within the Chart tab, locate the gear icon  .
  2. Click on the gear icon to open the Chart settings menu. 
  3. Within the Chart settings menu, click on the Chart tab. There, you will see an option to Remove all drawings/indicators and Hide all drawings/indicators.
  4. To completely remove all drawings/indicators, click Remove immediately to the right of the Remove all drawings or Remove all indicators.
  5. Upon clicking Remove, a Remove all drawings or Remove all indicators prompt will appear with a Yes or No choice. 
  6. Click Yes to remove all drawings or indicators.