Opening an additional account

Do you already have a tastytrade account but are looking to open another one? At tastytrade, trading accounts house under one username/email address. So, whether you’re looking to open another account to separate trading strategies or open a cash account in addition to your margin account, or vice-versa, you may open additional trading accounts by logging in to your account at to start the process of opening another account.

Since trading accounts house by single username/email, customers may only have one customer profile. Any duplicate customer profile under a different username/email will get rejected when reviewed by our accounts team. Please refer to the instructions below to learn how to open an additional trading account.

How do I open another trading account?

After logging into your account at, scroll down and click the Open Another Account button, located beneath the blue Account Status area. Doing it this way will pre-populate your information, allowing you to apply for an additional account more efficiently.

Open Another Account button displayed after logging in to your account at

How will my accounts list on the platform?

Trading accounts house on a username/email basis. For example, that means you can have a Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, and an individual margin account under one username/email. All accounts associated with your username/email will display on your platform, as illustrated below.

Example of multiple accounts listing on the desktop trading platform.

How do I open an account for a family member?

Looking to open a trading account for your wife, husband, daughter, son, or other family members (18+)? In that case, they will need to register with tastytrade, create a username, and go through the application process. You can link their account to yours by filling out a Limited Trading Authorization (LTA). Once linked via LTA, their account will display on your platform, similar to the example above. To learn more about linking accounts, please click here.