Desktop Platform Overview and Live Demo

When is the next LIVE tastyworks demo?


Are you new to tastyworks and looking for a desktop platform demonstration to familiarize yourself with your new surroundings? If so, then you're in luck. We host a LIVE demo of our desktop trading platform each month. Demos are generally hosted in the middle of each month and spots are limited so we encourage you to sign up for the next demo at the link below. Additionally, the video below goes over each tab and of the platform, and each tab’s overall functionality.


Overview Video 

tastyTip: If you want to rewind or fast-forward 10-seconds then tap the LEFT or RIGHT key on your keyboard.

If you’re looking for a crash course instead, then please visit our desktop platform quick guide by clicking here.

Are you looking to fast-forward or review a to a specific portion of the video? Well, no need to blindly fast-forward around in the video, below is a timeline of where you can scrub to (or fast-forward along the timeline). 

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Video Timeline

0:07 – Intro and overall platform layout

2:40 – Overview of Positions tab

  • Customizing view and columns

5:14 – Trade tab - Order entry using Table Mode

  • Manually building orders

12:17 – Activity tab

  • Viewing and filtering for Working, Filled, Canceled, and Other (rejected or expired) orders
  • Replacing/editing orders
  • Canceling orders

14:41 – Trade tab - Order entry using Curve Mode

  • Using strategy menu to set up trades

16:42 – Trade tab - Trading stocks and futures using Active Trader

20:32 – Watchlist tab

  • Customizing view and columns
  • Sorting stocks
  • Filtering/screening stocks in a watchlist
  • Creating a custom watchlist

25:57 – tastytrade tab to watch

26:09 – Chart tab

  • Adding indicators
  • Choosing a chart time interval and aggregation
  • Chart preferences
  • Drawings
  • Zooming and panning

28:08 – History tab

  • Viewing line-by-line transactions
  • Viewing year-to-date profit and loss performance

28:35 – Follow tab

  • Viewing trade feed of tastytrade traders
  • Filtering for specific traders
  • Duplicating trades

29:38 – Help Center

  • Accessing the tastyworks Help Center in the platform
  • Access other videos and view other helpful resources

Additional Resources

Additionally, below is a list of help articles that go into greater depth of specific topics and features of the platform that you can view at your own pace.

Platform Navigation and Layout

Positions Tab

Trade Tab

Activity Tab

Watchlist Tab

Chart Tab

History Tab

Platform Settings